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We don’t charge by the hour. Most service companies charge for their services by the hour. It has been a standard practice in the service industry for years. There are number of things wrong with this method of pricing.

  • The homeowner never knows what the final price is going to be.
  • The service company has no incentive to send a skilled serviceman who will find the problem fast. Slower means more money for the company.
  • The service company feels no need to train there service techs to deliver great service.
  • The homeowner ends up having to manage the technicians time and hope he doesn’t get ripped off.

When something goes Wrong with your Electrical System, you want it fixed right away. What’s worse, you don’t know if its a $49 problem or a $980 problem. Maybe it can’t be fixed at all!

You’ve got to call somebody. But who? You’ve heard the horror stories… those service companies who look at you like a human ATM machine! Sure they dive right in and fix the problem…never telling you exactly what happened, but in a week or two the problem’s back. They’re out again…it’s fixed again… and you pay again!

Problems with your Electrical System can be scary, stressful expensive and even dangerous, but most electrical problems can be avoided with the right team on your side.

When our Electrician arrives at your home for a diagnosis and repair he’ll be ready for any problem or situation. He will evaluate the problem and explain to you all of the options available to you. Your technician will then show you in writing exactly what the cost will be to perform the work. NO SURPRISES at the end after the work has been completed.


Your complete satisfaction with our electrical services and technicians is 100% GUARANTEED!


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