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Mister Electric is At Your Service!

We are your neighborhood electrician! Our Electrical Service Technicians have Helped over 30,000 homeowners in Maryland and Washington DC  and “we can help” you too.

When electrical problems occur in your home, or when the time comes for an electrical upgrade, you need the most reliable team of Electrical Service Technicians on your side. Electrical Service work is not something you should attempt to do yourself, and thanks to the expert crew at Mister Electric you don’t have to.

At Mister Electric we offer electrical service and repairs designed to get your home in working order and up to code. Our electrical services include:

TroubleshootingNew WiringCeiling FansLightsAttic FansSmoke DetectorsWater HeatersCircuit Breaker PanelsGeneratorsHot Tub HookupsFuse Boxes

mister electric troubleshooting

No matter the problem, if it has to do with electrical service, Mister Electric has you covered. So don’t put yourself or your home at risk trying to tackle your electrical service issue yourself. Call the experts at Mister Electric, and rest easy that the job will be done right the first time.

At Mister Electric, our techs have spent their professional careers magically running cable in places where others say it’s impossible. And if they do need to make a hole in your wall… THEY PATCH THE HOLE!! So there is never surprise patching needed. I can tell you from experience that 99.9% of the electricians out there don’t have the same track record!

ceiling fan installationIn most cases Mister Electric can install your new ceiling fan the same day. Call in the morning and have it installed by the end of the day. We have appointments to meet most any schedule. Installation is quite affordable. Prices can very depending upon whether we are replacing an existing fan or installing a fan where there has never been one. We’re specialists at installing, re-installing, tightening, wiring and re-wiring ceiling fans. Trust us, we’ve seen it all.

interior lighting wiring installationAt Mister Electric we’ll work closely with you to create your ideal lighting setup. For interior and exterior light installations, all lighting systems can be fully automated and easily maintained.

Mister Electric Attic Exhaust FansWe Install Lifetime Guaranteed Attic Exhaust Fans
Lifetime Guarantee— Most fans only have 1 year. All Metal Construction—Not plastic like some fans. Optional humidity control to keep your attic dry. Can lower upstairs room temperatures by 10º.

smoke detector wiringOne of the most overlooked safety devices in your home is the smoke detector. Most smoke detectors work either by optical detection or by physical process, while others use both detection methods to increase sensitivity to smoke.

Water heater installationWe repair & install both gas and electric water heaters. Did you know that many of the problems that water heaters have are electrical?  Plumbers are not trained or qualified to locate  electrical problems. Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot and find your water heater problem fast.

circuit breaker panel replaceThe electrical panel is the heart of the electrical system in your home. If the heart (panel) malfunctions or stops working, you could have a big problem. If your home has a fuse panel or an obsolete circuit breaker panel or even worse still…a panel that has lost its UL approval because it doesn’t operate properly, it might be wise to consider a new circuit breaker panel.
Our Electric Panel Upgrades Are Available with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Mister Electric Generator InstallationTurn Key Generator Installation. We will help you get the exact size generator you need for your home and to meet your needs. Having the correct generator and transfer switch is very important. Call Mister Electric today to schedule your free no obligation estimate.

mister electric hot tub wiringCall Mister Electric to install your circuitry for your hot tub.

outdated fuse box panelHave you ever wondered how much the electrical system in your home has changed in the last 100 years or so. The electrical service panels have certainly changed. Fuse box’s are obsolete, outdated and may be unsafe.

No matter the problem, if it has to do with electrical service, Mister Electric has you covered. So don’t put yourself or your home at risk trying to tackle your electrical service issue yourself. Call the experts at Mister Electric, and rest easy that the job will be done right the first time.


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1. Guaranteed On Time Service
Your time is your most valuable asset that’s why we schedule in 1, 2 or 4 hour appointment windows instead of 8 hour windows like the other guys. 

2. You Can Have Same Day Service *
If you need an electrician fast! Give us a call before 10am we will be there today. If we are unable to meet our appointment your evaluation fee is free!

3. Fair & Honest Upfront Pricing
It’s your money. You’re entitled to know before the work is done how much of your money you’re going to spend to resolve your electrical problem. With Mister Electric of Washington DC you pay a flat diagnostic fee no matter how complex your problem is, no matter how long it takes to identify. After diagnosis, your Mister Electric Electrician will explain all your repair options and show you our ‘Fair & Honest Upfront Pricing’ for doing them. No surprises.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed “You can’t lose”
If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we have provided, you will not have to pay for the service until you are.

5. 2 Year Guarantee on electrical repairs
We don’t consider your electrical repair needs met until your problems are fixed and stay that way! That’s why we have a 2 year warranty on all our labor.

6. We are Specialists
Just like a doctor, we are specialists, we don’t try to do everything. We specialize at working on existing homes and businesses, we are experts on home repairs, wiring & customer service. Your home deserves an Electrician that is trained to work on your home. Many companies in the Washington DC area advertise that they do residential electrical service when they really specialize in other phases of the electrical industry. Their expertise is in other types of electrical work. Such as new house wiring and commercial construction. They are not experts in home repair and service. There is a special skill set required to work in older homes that are not commonly taught in construction work. You deserve the best.

7. Background Checked & Drug Tested
When you open your front door to our electrician wearing our uniform, with photo ID badge, you can be confident…

The Mister Electric Electrician about to enter your home has undergone a complete background check and is not a convicted felon.

The Electrician to whom you’re entrusting your family’s health and safety has participated in our drug-testing program.

The individual driving our service truck down your neighborhoods streets is a licensed driver. We don’t hire Electricians we wouldn’t want working in our own homes..

8.Super Trucks- Warehouse On Wheels
Our super trucks carry 1000’s of repair parts to fix your problem. We call them our Warehouse on Wheels, which means that the electrical repair can be done right then and there as long as it isn’t unusual. This saves you a lot of time, money, and frustration. Some electricians may charge you by the hour to get parts or special return trip fees

9. Client Respect
Our Electricians are the best in skill attitude and workmanship. They will courteously answer any questions and leave your home as neat as they found it. They will wear protective shoe covers to keep your carpets clean.

10. Red Carpet Service
When our Electrician arrives at your door he will roll out the “The Red Carpet” before he walks into your home. He will put on shoe covers to protect your floors and carpets. That way he knows he won’t be tracking someone’s else’s dirt into your home.


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